Monday, 1 October 2012

Week 3: Behind The Scene - Basic of Video Shooting

This week, we have been introduced to the several technique of camera handling and types of video shot. Day by day I found that this course is quite interesting because it can open my perspective to explore the things "Behind The Scene".

Common Types of Camera Movements


Common Types of Camera Shots

    XLS- Extreme Long Shot
    VLS- Very Long Shot
    ES - Establish shot
    WS-Wide Shot2. LS- Long Shot

3. MLS - Medium Long Shot

4. MS - Mid Shot

5. MCU - Medium Close Up

6.  CU - Close Up

    Extreme Close Up
    Big Close Up

8. POV
    Point of View Shot

9. Two Shot

10. Cutaway Shot

Resource: Find out more from this useful link

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