Monday, 24 September 2012

Week 2: Video Production and Terms

For this week, Encik Johari has introduced us to the basic steps of video production. Video production can be deceptively complex. It’s very easy to watch a cool video and get excited about making one like it. 

The video production process is divided into 3 phases:
 1. Pre-production
    Planning, scripting, budgeting, scheduling

    2. Production
        Video shoot, graphics design, gathering assets (which can happen any

    3. Post-production
        Editing, sound mixing, color correction, approvals, revisions, output.

   These phases can shift around a bit per project, for example, you might be
    in post production and need to go back to phase 1 and re-write the script 
    or maybe plan additional shoots.

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Terms Related to Video Production / Broadcasting Television Systems
Broadcast television systems are encoding or formatting standards for the transmission and reception of terrestrial television signals. There are three main analog television systems in current use around the world: NTSCPAL, and SECAM. These systems have several components, including a set of technical parameters for the broadcasting signal, an encoder system for encoding color, and possibly a system for encoding multichannel television sound (MTS). In digital television (DTV), all of these elements are combined in a single digital transmission system.


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