Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Week 6: Avid Xpress Pro HD

This week En. Johari is off, so we have class with En. Aziz, technician in FP Video Editing Studio. He showed us some basic editing steps using Avid Xpress Pro HD software.

Avid Xpress Pro HD

Avid Xpress Pro was a non-linear video editing software aimed at professionals in the TV and movie industry. It was available for Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers.
Xpress Pro included many of the high-end editing features offered by other Avid editing systems, and was closely based on Avid's Media Composer systems. In conjunction with the Avid Mojo hardware, it provided real-time uncompressed video editing at a professional level. Xpress Pro was capable of sharing media files with Avid's advanced Media Composer editing systems making it a capable logging or off line editing system for larger projects.

Screen Features of Avid Xpress

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