Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Week 4: Lights, Camera, Action!

This week, we learn about lighting in video production. Lighting is very important key element to produce good video. The use of different lighting will gives different effect to the video.

Several Types of Lighting

1. Main / Key Light
   The first and usually most important light

2. Fill Light
   May be used to reduce the contrast of a scene and provide some
   illumination  for the areas of the image that are in shadow

3. Background Light
    Used to illuminate the background area of a set. The background light 
    will also provide separation between the subject and the background.

4.  Accent Light
    Lighting that emphasize an area of or an object in a room to make the 
    object  'comes out'.

Type of Light Source

1. Natural Light
   natural light comes from the Sun (or other “suns,” in the case of starlight)

2. Artificial Light
   any light that is not natural and depends on an external source of power
   ie: Tungsten, Halogen, Neon, Streetlightts etc..

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