Monday, 31 December 2012

Week 14: Presentation of Final Project

This week should be a study week, but we have presentation of our final project. We present our video and animation project.

Below are screen shots of our animation project


The weather is so hot on that day

The bird felt so thirsty

The bird search for water

The bird found water bottle

The bird tried to drink the water but failed. He got an idea.

The bird put stones to the bottle

 Moral of the story

Problem faced during this project:

1) Time limit: Both of us busy with our Research Study project, we have limited time to sit down and do the complex animation. So we come out with this simple animation but we do applied some of skills that learned in this class optimally. We hope so.

2) Lack of drawing skills to produce the high quality graphics for character in this animation. But we try our best to provide the simple motion to show the story. If we were given more time to drill the skills, we believe we can produce better animation in the future.

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