Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Week 8: Animation - A moving picture?

This is our first session with Dr. Jamal who will be cover the second part of this course, Animation.In this course, we will learn the 2D animation basically using Adobe Flash Professional. I'm relieved that I have been exposed to this software on the previous course ( Authoring Systems & CD Rom Based Multimedia Development), however there's always new things to explore because in this class we will drill more on animation production. We have to come out with our own animation product by the end of the course, and that is quite challenging process.

So, for the first class of Animation, we actually refresh our memory with a few important animation terms namely;

1. Keyframe - A frame in a timeline where something new appear

2. Tweening - The creation of successive frame of animation between keyframe

3. Onion Skinning - The tool to see through / trace multiple layers / provide transparency

4. Frame by frame - To change object gradually in each frame to create more realistic animation effect

5. Frame rate - Measurement of frequency (rate) at which imaging devices produces (frame/sec)

Learn more about terms in flash in this website :

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